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Teresa Perkins, CEO / Design Extraordinaire


With over 20 years of experiences as an entrepreneur, Teresa Perkins continues to improvises her knowledgeable experiences through her work in interior design, real estate with over 12 years of experience, being a Podcast/Tv host of ‘The Rhythm of design’ a platform where she imparts her extraordinary interior design skills with her audience and even became an author. She is the principal and Interior design Extraordinaire of LaYerz Interiors, a business venture featuring the Home Sanctuary Collection to include soy scented candles and self-care products manufactured to enhance the lifestyle if  her audience.

She enrolled in American Business insititue of Chicago, Illinois, to procure more knowledge of her specialty but later moved to Las Vegas and attended the Art Institute . Teresa together with her husband and daughter travelled the country while her husband was serving in the US Air Force.  She utilized her tremendous social experiences and information and received the brilliant opportunity to decorate homes in Japan.  She also had the opportunity to learn under the mentorship of a successful interior designer from Chicago where she gained vital experiences about the industry to cultivate her path towards success.

Teresa has been highlighted in magazines and distinguished interviews including The Las Vegas Home & Garden magazine, Urban Avenue magazine, Condo Living Las Vegas Style, the Las Vegas Business Press. She is moreover communicating interior décor hacks in Ment4Her and Spotlight Sister Magazines. Teresa Perkin's wonderful abilities characterize the explanation she is viewed as encapsulation of elegance and good taste, for which she has been regarded with various honors and acknowledgments. One of her most prominent accomplishment was the opportunity to decorate stage for the famous poet Dr. Maya Angelou lectures throughout various cities. Teresa is settled in Arlington, Texas and is occupied with sharing her interior design skills with her community and clients.